SkiFit with YogaTonic UK

SkiFit with YogaTonic UK

Our online programme provides over 6 hours of video content to stream, to helping you get fit for a season of skiing. Whether you are skiing regularly throughout the season, or looking to make the most of a week's holiday in the mountains, the videos help you to get SkiFit.

If you are skiing regularly throughout the season, you can fit in the sessions in between each trip to the slopes. Alternatively, if you have booked a week's holiday, then you can use programme to build your SkiFitness before your holiday. Either way, we believe that the cardio conditioning, yoga and meditation will help you get the most out of your time on the slopes.

No equipment is needed. You may want a mat but towel is fine.

This programme can be used with your current training programme (running, hiking, etc.). The videos are suitable for all levels of fitness and skiing / boarding abilities. Videos start start off with fundamental poses in the first week and get harder as weeks go on.

This programme is tailored specifically to improve the fitness, strength and balance of participants preparing for winter sports season.

The programme offers 18 videos in total. We designed the programme to be 3 sessions per week, but can be done in your own time.
• 6 x 20-30 minute yoga classes
• 6 x 20-30 minute cardiovascular, strength and endurance fitness workouts with increased progression throughout the programme
• 6 x 5-10 minute guided meditation and visualisation

Additional features
• Online support from Tim and Shannon:
• Value added sequences for pre skiing warm up and post skiing cool down at the end of the day
• Benchmarking and progress tracking PDF's are available to download on

With any exercise programme, please review our disclaimer before starting the videos.

SkiFit with YogaTonic UK

19 Videos