SkiFit with YogaTonic UK - 1 week taster

SkiFit with YogaTonic UK - 1 week taster

We want you to make the most of the time in the mountains - and getting SkiFit is the one way that will help you to do this. We appreciate that you have not had the chance to experience any of our sessions yet.

This 1 week ski fit exercises online package provides you with an example of each of the cardio conditioning, yoga and meditation sessions.

​Following the 1 week taster, we hope you will want to complete the 6 week programme.

​If you complete the taster session and then go on to purchase the full session we will reimburse you the cost of the 1 week package.

SkiFit with YogaTonic UK - 1 week taster

3 Videos

  • Cardio Conditioning Week 1 (29 mins)

    Introduction to cardio conditioning exercises providing glutes, quad and core engagement.

  • Yoga Week 1 (31 mins)

    Starting off slowly. Balance. Break down the poses: Down dog (hamstring, quad stretch), plank (core, arms), cobra (lower back), hamstring and glute stretches on back.

  • Meditation Week 1 (8 mins)

    ​Learn techniques to become more body aware. This will help focus and calm the mind.